Sammlung Cafe Luitpold

The little museum that provides a great experience

The museum exploring the history of coffeehouse culture.

Munich’s smallest museum providing the greatest experience enters 2013 with a few new priorities. A wall-filling panorama of the Palastcafé in 1888 clearly shows how the historicism of its time bore fruit and gives an impression of the “spatial wonder” that made Hans Carossa (1878-1956) gush in his novel Das Jahr der schönen Täuschungen. As a young man, he wrote, “schritt ich verhaltenen Schrittes durch diese heiligen Hallen, um die Göttinnen, die von den Gewölben lächelten, nicht zu stören.” (“...I trod with restrained steps through these holy halls, in order not to disturb the goddesses who smiled from the arches.”)

The times of beautiful illusions (schöne Täuschungen) – to which the Palastcafé and its 20 luxurious rooms belonged – are now behind us. What has remained are the enchanting memories and impressions of a coffeehouse culture which brought together people of every background and from many countries and professions at the Palastcafé on Brienner Straße, which was at the centre of a slice of history which is particularly fondly remembered in Munich.

The museum recounts the rise of Munich’s Palastcafé during the Belle Epoque and its destruction in the gruesome flames of a bombing raid and accompanies visitors into the present, where the Luitpoldblock provides the setting for a contemporary meeting place for many generations and nations.

Cafe Luitpold Collection in the Luitpoldblock

Entrance Palmengarten Ground Floor

Brienner Str. 11 80333 Munich

Telephone 089 24 25 76 79


The Café Luitpold Collection is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm.

Unguided visits are free of charge.


Coffeehouse culture “in miniature”
Dive into history.

The Collection recounts the time of large coffeehouses and Munich’s entrance into modern times. Informative entertainment value is provided by old newspaper articles, original photos, listening stations with coffeehouse music and texts from the 19th century (read by Achim Höppner) and many other multimedia surprises. The “spatial wonder” of the Palastcafé’s architecture is shown in numerous large pictures and can be viewed in the full-wall prints.



Knead dough, whip cream and shape marzipan flowers

Bake to your heart’s content with Susanne Klug from KinderKüche München and the confectioners from Cafe Luitpold, led by master confectioner Albert Ziegler! Afterwards, the young bakers can eat their cake, biscuits, marzipan shapes or chocolates... or take them home!

For children and adolescents from the ages of 7 to 14. Cost per person: 29 euro.

Meeting point: Cafe Luitpold/Palmengarten in the entrance area to the Café Luitpold Collection museum.

Please register directly with KinderKüche München

Tel.: +49 (0) 89 48954164



We would be happy to organise tours for groups of five or more, small events about coffeehouse culture and children’s tours with a quiz, tours for students and adolescents as well as themed tours upon request and subject to appointment
Contact: Charlotte Meinardus
T 089 21 26 85 32
Costs: 4 Euro per person
Opening times daily: From 10 to 19 o'clock


Where to find us


Archiv Sammlung Cafe Luitpold

We are always on the lookout for data and facts, contemporary eyewitness reports, items and documents related to the Café Luitpold of the “good old days” to help reconstruct its history. If you think you can help, please contact us:

Contact: Charlotte Meinardus
Café Luitpold Collection, Brienner Straße 11, 80333 Munich
Tel.: 089 - 24 25 766 (Management)
Tel.: 089 - 24 25 76 79