Art Auctions

The auction house Karl & Faber founded in 1923, is one of Germany's top names among the auctions worldwide. Since its inception, Karl & Faber has carried out a total of more than 230 auctions, the auction objects include paintings, watercolors, prints, drawings and sculptures from the 15th Century to the present.
The focus of the auction year, the two major auctions are in spring and autumn. In addition, periodically sales exhibitions of ancient and modern art are held.
The focus is on works on paper from six centuries. While preserving its traditional focus Karl & Faber consistently expanded its range of modern and contemporary art. You can find our catalogs on the Internet and can be sent by post.

Opening Hours:
Monday thru Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday: Nur bei Ausstellungen und Vorbesichtigungen

Amiraplatz 3, 4th Floor
in the Luitpoldblock / 80333 Munich
T 089 221865 / F 089 2283350
info (at) karlundfaber [punkt] de