Dr. Anker - Gynäkologin


Dr. med. Gabriele Anker, MPH

We offer a comprehensive range of modern technology in the Department of Obstetrics. One focus of the practice is the continuing cancer screening as part of our Dyplasiesprechstunde (in striking PAP smear), as well as the diagnosis and treatment of the disease endometriosis.

Another important area is the shear medical prenatal care and the care of high-risk pregnancies. We offer among other things, special ultrasounds on, for example, first trimester screening, Doppler examination of the feto-maternal vascular system, differentiated diagnosis of malformations, 3D and 4D ultrasound diagnostics.
If you wish you may also like to take the advice and adjunctive therapy in the field of naturopathy to complete.
For young patients, there is our special teen clinic.

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